The New Commodity: Youth

Saudi Arabia Is Living In That Rise Of Over 70 Percent Of The Population At The Peak Of Their Productivity; And We Are An Even Bigger Commodity Than Oil


A Mediocre Idea With Great Execution > A Great Idea Without Execution

Mediocre Ideas With Great Execution Have The Potential To Become Disruptive Ideas With Experienced Execution, And Genius Ideas With No Execution Don’t Even Deserve The Time To Talk About Them


Could History Repeats Itself?

One of the fundamental reasons the dotcom bubble happened was due to the fact that human being are creatures of influence; when people saw people moving to buy stocks of highly overvalued tech companies on the stock market, they jumped to follow in fear of missing out of a passing opportunity


The Sunk-Cost Fallacy: To Pivot or to Persevere?

why do the majority of startups fail while we know that most unicorns we see today were at one point on the verge of failure? Easy: attachment.


How to Pitch to Investors

Talking to investors can be frightening, but it doesn't have to be. Investors' questions are not hard and difficult to answer, and you can predict them and be well prepared ahead. Most investors will ask you key questions about your startup that you should be fully aware of, such as the market size, team, product, go-to-market, and the plans for the next round of financing.


Falak Investment Hub and Adeem Financial Company sign an agreement to launch the Saudi Technology Fund - Powered by Falak

We are delighted to partner up with Adeem Capital to launch the Saudi Tech Fund (STF) - Power by Falak.


The Most Important 25 Steps In Startups’ Journey

The 25 most essential steps to a scalable high-growth business.


Strategies for Pricing Products

Everything you do in your company is a process, and you should think of monetization in the same way. Every startup founder must have a clear monetization strategy in place for the current situation and future plans.


Startup Story: Tabib Group

How the first, second, and third pivot helped Tabib group in their growth!


What makes an employees loyal?

Financial compensation could get you the best executive, and could also steal your most talented executive or employee. What makes an employee loyal, and what makes them stick?


The Four Factors of Growth

Why do some startups tremendously grow where others have a low growth rate?


Startup Story: Ns3a

The Story of The One Job Announcement That Created Ns3a


How to Identifying Your Customer’s Persona

Remember, your customer doesn’t care about your product or service; they care about the pain you are solving.


7 Common Mistakes in Content Marketing

Any business that doesn't invest in content marketing early on will suffer in acquiring customers and getting leads.


Startup Story: Mohtwize

How an Initiative turned into an Audio Media Power


What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hackers believe that If you desire growth and have a profitable business, operate at a break-even point.


Startup Story: Beanboat

The story of helping one friend that created Beanboat


Startup Story: Linkers

How a Horrible dinner experience created MENA’s leading IoT startup


Startup Story: Hospitalia

How the challenges that Ahmed faced to help his father gave the idea to create Hospitalia


Monh closes a 5 Million SAR Pre-series A funding round

Saudi based wholesale platform (MONH) has successfully raised 5 M SAR (Pre-Series A) investment fund led by Enterprise Holding Company and Tasaru Holding company, both owned by Yazeed Alrajhi Holding Group


Falak Investment Hub and Wadi Makkah hosts the “VCs and Investors Round Table" between the region's major technology investors

On Tuesday the 26th of October, Wadi Makkah Ventures and Falak Investment Hub hosted the “VCs and Investors Round Table” which brought together more than 30 participants of the most prominent technology venture capitals and investors in the region.


5 Mistakes Companies make in Communication with the Lead

Any business is always in need of many elements to achieve the hoped advantage, the most important resources are employees, money, tools, and data. There is a factor that is equal in its necessity to the others and could be the most crucial one, which is the customer on whom the business is based.


"Kara" concludes its first investment round with a value of 2.2 million Saudi Riyals.

Adwa Al-Dakheel, CEO of Falak investment hub : "We are proud to have played a significant role in Kara's journey and look forward to seeing them continue to make a positive impact on the environment. Their commitment to sustainability is not only good for our planet but also good for business."

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