The Launch:

The founder, Dr. Amer Al-Saif, is a faculty member at King Abdulaziz University. He participated with his application idea in a competition at the university he works at. The app features were the diagnose of vertigo and dizziness cases. 

The application has evolved into an application that connects doctors and medical service seekers in all specialties at the users' request, not just vertigo and dizziness. The business model was based on doctors' monthly subscriptions in exchange for a page in the application that enabled the clients to book appointments with them.


One of the challenges that the Tabib Group team was facing is attracting clients to book appointments with a group of doctors who do not prefer media appearances on social media. To solve the problem, Tabib Group updated the application to add medical offers and services provided by the doctor along with the CV, which increased appointments and reservations for doctors who do not prefer media appearances.

The growth:

In late 2017, it became clear to the Tabib Group team that the demand for exclusive offers was very large, and the market has a lack of meeting the customers' need in terms of offering services provided by doctors at competitive prices, so the application was updated, and the business model changed to offer exclusive services and offers only without doctors in the application, and they will take a percentage for each purchase of a medical offer or service.


Tabib Group has gained wide popularity with more than 200,000 thousand users and 4.5 followers on social media. The number of downloads for the application exceeded 550,000 thousand and is currently the first application in the Apple Store in the medical field.