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The New Commodity: Youth

Saudi Arabia Is Living In That Rise Of Over 70 Percent Of The Population At The Peak Of Their Productivity; And We Are An Even Bigger Commodity Than Oil


A Mediocre Idea With Great Execution > A Great Idea Without Execution

Mediocre Ideas With Great Execution Have The Potential To Become Disruptive Ideas With Experienced Execution, And Genius Ideas With No Execution Don’t Even Deserve The Time To Talk About Them


The Tech Bubble of 2000

One of the fundamental reasons the dotcom bubble happened was due to the fact that human being are creatures of influence; when people saw people moving to buy stocks of highly overvalued tech companies on the stock market, they jumped to follow in fear of missing out of a passing opportunity


The Sunk-Cost Fallacy: To Pivot or to Persevere?

why do the majority of startups fail while we know that most unicorns we see today were at one point on the verge of failure? Easy: attachment.


The Four Factors of Growth

According to Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh, authors of the book Blitzscaling, there are four that every blitzscaling company should seek to maximize: network effects, market size, distribution, and high gross margins.


Mapping Out Your Customers’ Buying Cycle

By mapping out the buying journey that your customers go through, you can process your key messages per stage and persona.


Whom Do You Trust With a Billion Dollar Technology Race — Financial Investors, or Strategic Investors?

While every venture capitalist has their own motives, it all really boils down to one of two things — Profit, or Progress. Which of those two drivers is most likely to help a new technology succeed? Read on to find out