The start:

Back in 2018, an appalling dinner experience at a local restaurant set Faisal Al Khaldi and Khaled Alkhaldi onto a discovery journey. They observed that neither the restaurant owner nor the operations manager knew that the customers were having a horrible experience in lousy temperature control and long queues to place an order. Consequently, it was resulting in the loss of sales.

This stormed out a flood of ‘what if’ questions. What if they could act in real-time through offline data collected by IoT sensors?

The launch:

Faisal and Khalid thought of a solution to provide IoT sensors that provide accurate data to business owners to make data-driven decisions, and eliminate daily problems of staff shortage, abnormal equipment, and avoid lost sales opportunities.

Linkers IoT solution would gather data in real-time to enable clients to improve customer experience and sales with saving costs by having a deep insight into visitors count and their average visit time, analyzing different branch utilization, and planning human resources efficiently.

The challenges:

Since Linkers entered the market, it has been challenged with the lack of knowledge in IoT, the data which could be used to save both time and efforts were not used wisely and departments lacked a data analytics team. 

In order to overcome this challenge, Linkers closed the gap building a customer success team that would break down data into reports focusing on KPIs and goals.

The Innovation:

Linkers IoT technology provides a unique analytics platform that enables retail stores with variable sensors connected to Linkers Cloud. The smart platform provides trends and business analysis to improve revenue and save cost through visitors count and trends, equipment data, efficiency, and utility consumption.

Linkers enable managers to measure different marketing campaigns and look deeper into their marketing strategy's main elements that impact the bottom line. It helps them allocate staff according to the peak hours of visitors in their stores and avoid any negative impact on sales. 

The growth:

With more than 700 active sensors installed in over 80 locations, and more than 300 million visitors counted. 

Linkers aims to become the largest IoT platform in the GCC that enables data-driven business in the offline world, enabling many companies to make data-driven decisions.