The Start:

In 2018, Co-Founder of Hospitalia Ahmed Abdallah’s father had a car accident and admitted to the hospital for 3 months, When his father returned back home, Ahmed and his family faced a real challenge on how to follow up with his father neurologist on weekly basis. Also, the father needs physiotherapy sessions and nursing care for at least 12 weeks more.

Going 3 times a week to the hospital was not a pleasant journey for the father and his family.

The launch:

And this was the real spark that created Hospitalia… Redefining the healthcare services.

Hospitalia provides a holistic outpatient approach delivering end-to-end healthcare services serving 75% of the patient’s needs by connecting them to doctors, nurses, physiotherapists even radiology and lab services, at the comfort of their homes.

Hospitalia provides an integrated loop of care through post-sales services like follow-up and patient advisory.


One of the challenges Hospitalia team has faced was creating monthly recurring revenue to ensure sustainable revenues and growth.

Hospitalia team created a new revenue stream through its telemedicine subscription for corporates employees with multiple packages that fit different corporates sizes.


Hospitalia is a patient-centric platform that has been designed according to the optimum patient needs providing a seamless experience for getting care, either by hotline, mobile app, or web app.

Hospitalia is helping corporates to boost their employees’ health and wellness through multiple programs includes co-payment and loyalty programs.

Also, Hospitalia partnered with multiple startups aiming to be the first med-tech super app.

The Growth:

With the rising demand for Hospitalia services, more than 250 Medical providers have been registered to Hospitalia that conducted +13K visits and +5.5K phone consultations through the platform helping +7K patients.

Hospitalia partnered with multiple corporates including (Careem, Busset, IACC holdings, Enmaa, Mediconsult, Ora developments) to back their employees with Hospitalia integrated home healthcare services.