Any business is always in need of many elements to achieve the hoped advantage, the most important resources are employees, money, tools, and data. There is a factor that is equal in its necessity to the others and could be the most crucial one, which is the customer on whom the business is based. After reaching the suitable lead for the service you deliver as a business owner; you move to the stage of communication with the lead. It’s the stage that ends by his conversion into a permanent client or by avoiding working with you, this depends on how efficient your communication with him was.

In this blog, we mention to you the most prominent 5 mistakes companies make in communicating with a potential customer:

1- How fast was your communication with the lead

Rapid communication with the lead is always the best method. This guarantees that the lead will not change his opinion about what he wants or what he thinks that he needs. Also to be sure that no other competitor has contacted the lead, you should be as fast as possible.

Therefore, you should distribute the leads among your sales team in the shortest time; to communicate with the lead individually. Now, you’re 100% confident about the stability of the lead’s status; due to the short time passed between his signing up and calling him.

2- Your communication with the lead is not transparent enough

Visualizing an unreal image for the product/service is one of the biggest mistakes that some salespersons make during communication with the lead. This kills the trust that should be built between the client and the company. If this client activates a purchase order depending on misleading information, he won’t buy the next time; as he realized that he’s been conned.

This will create an anger wave and criticism that will harness the product. In the end, the salesperson hasn’t lost this single client, but he has lost a bunch of clients. This all happened because of the exaggeration accompanied by the description and features of the product.

3- Misunderstanding the actual needs on the communication with the lead

Communication with the lead comes from one of the inbound marketing channels like an ad on Facebook, Google, or even outbound commercial billboards. The client views it, then he contacts the company via one of the available channels to know more info about the product. After the communication, he finds out that this product is not what he is precisely looking for. A salesperson could believe that he has lost the opportunity of making a deal; however, it’s still in hand.

The target of communication is understanding the client’s needs and making sure the offered product meets those needs. If the offered product is not suitable, the salesperson should offer another product the lead might react to more effectively. It’s a trial and error process, the salesperson has input data which is the lead’s needs; which he has to turn into output data that represents the suitable product.

4- After the communication with the leads, don’t ignore the feedback

After the journey of communication with the lead ends with a purchase, some of us miss a principal step, the feedback step. Feedback could be a boring process, however, it’s like a compass that helps the entity to improve its services.

Some clients could observe that communication wasn’t that formal, so the company will work on improving that side. Others could say that the offered service comes with a higher price than it should be; considering its benefits after the trial, then the company will enhance the service to meet the price or even offer a lower price. 

Therefore, evaluation is one of the most important triggers that help in developing the business as long as it’s been managed and activated in a convenient way that regularly analyzes the market and the customer needs.

5- Neglection of documenting the communication with the client

Documenting the lead’s journey includes communication with him. This occurs through recording calls and saving text messages, after informing him to be part of his database found in the system. The purpose of recording and saving is to continually learn from errors, mistakes, and even bundles. This also makes your business aware of the market’s actual needs. This encourages the company to innovate a new product or develop a service; according to requests and notices pushing in the same direction.

Documenting the communication with the lead also determines the causes of not closing deals successfully. This will make the business avoid redundancy by modifying the chain or the methods. That’s why documented communication is considered a necessary source for more knowledge about the client’s nature.

Using a CRM system will help your business to avoid all the previously mentioned mistakes. It helps you as a business owner in rapid communication with the client documenting each update, monitoring him, knowing more about his needs through recorded interests, queries, and feedback. In addition to tracking your team’s performance. Flash lead offers this service that you can enjoy for free for 14 days. For more information, visit our website or all of our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.