Many wannabe entrepreneurs have great ideas, but an idea without proper execution is worth nothing. You might even have an idea, and a few months later, you see it on the news feed with excellent traction. What counts is great execution or at least a decent execution. Execution is divided into two questions: Can you figure out what to do? Can you get it done?

Getting it done requires two things: extreme focus and extreme intensity.

Extreme Focus:

  • Divide your days into the most important two or three tasks to do every day, and GET THEM DONE.

  • Learn how to say no to things that won’t help you develop your product, understand your customers and market. Any CEO needs to learn how to say no, a lot.

  • Set overarching goals and repeat them. This keeps the company focused.

  • Growth and momentum are what a startup lives on. You should always know what you’re doing along with your metrics.

  • Avoid distractions. 

Extreme Intensity:

  • Startups are not a good option for a work/life balance. You need to incorporate an amount of extra work to outwork your competitors and to get it done.

  • A small amount of work on the right thing makes remarkable progress. Use the 80/20 rule to determine this.

  • How many new users each existing user brings in? If it’s 0.99, the company will plague and collapse and die. If it’s 1.01, you’re in a happy place to get exponential growth forever. Do you see that? The differentiation is 0.2; it’s a small number translated into a little extra effort in the right place. Remember: work smart, don’t work hard.

By focusing extremely and being highly intense in accomplishing what is needed, you will be able to see your idea off the ground.