The Start:

In late 2017, Adwa was looking to fill an entry-level position for her business, so she posted one announcement on Snapchat, within 24 hours, more than 7,000 people applied for this job. While the number was large and filtration was overwhelming considering the large numbers of CV’s, she knew that conventional means of recruitment are time-consuming and not efficient, which led Adwa to start researching more with one core question that arose: To hire right, I need to know about the personality and not just the CV, how would this be possible?

The Launch:

From here came the idea to create Ns3a - a localized recruitment platform powered by artificial intelligence and automation technologies split into 2 products: a recruitment platform, and a candidate management system to enable automation for HR departments. Ns3a seeks to find a way to study people not based on their background only, but through their personalities, passions, and career values, as it is done through tests that study the person and put them in the right place to enable the person’s growth and the entities right hire.

The Challenges:

Since Ns3a is a recruitment marketplace, every marketplace has a challenge of fulfilling supply and demand to ensure that supply is meeting demand and that demand is meeting supply for a full service to be done. To be able to overcome this challenge, Ns3a provided the software for free for every recruiter while gathering profiles and personality assessments of seekers prior to having priced packages.


Looking at the recruitment cycle, numerous manual processes are still taking place starting from posting a job, sourcing candidates, phone screening interviews, personality assessments, and much more up until the offer and onboarding stage. Ns3a aims to automate this process to enable HR team productivity and to enable companies to hire right and hire fast. With this mentality, Ns3a introduced vacancy questions to summarize the phone screening interviews with data matching algorithms to indicate if the answers for every candidate meet the company’s standard or not with simple and user-friendly algorithms.

The Growth:

With more than 885 career providers signed up to Ns3a including companies like Nestle, Chalhoub Group, P&G, Alnahdi, L’Oréal, and many others, and with more than 34,000 career seekers on the platform, Ns3a has enabled multiple companies to hire right and to hire fast with lower turnover rates and more efficiency for HR teams considering the automation of the software.