The Start:

Khalid, the founder & CEO of Mohtwize, listens to podcasts in his everyday commute and found something shocking at the time: there were minimal Arabic podcasts and most importantly, there was no company focused on creating quality local audible content with enriching content,

The Launch:

Which inspired him to create Mohtwize - a platform enabling content creators to produce their own podcasts and enrich the audience with original and entertaining Arabic content in top production quality. Today, the platform that started from passion turned into a leading producing and publishing podcast company in MENA with over 2M listeners every month.

The Challenges:

One of the challenges they faced, as many most startups, was creating a source of recurring revenue to ensure a sustainable flow of income. As a production company relying on production fees and sponsorships, a conventional business model was not enough and business model innovation was needed.


One of the new and attractive monetization strategies that Mohtwize adopted was a subscription business model allowing memberships for content creators at discounted prices to utilize Mohtwize’s full team and expertise in producing and distributing top audio content. Through this new business model, Mohtwize enabled content creators to subscribe monthly to use their services at great and reasonable prices while expanding their network of content writers and listeners accordingly. 

The Growth:

Now with +2000 episodes, +74 podcasts, +2M monthly listeners, and their clear focus on producing the highest quality podcasts in the region while enriching localized Arabic content, Mohtwize is on a fast-track to being the leading company in podcast production and distribution in the region.